What is emptied will refill

Muslims everywhere are embraced by the fragrance of Ramadan. It came by and beautified our homes, lives, and hearts. But sadly, it cannot stay. Instead, we are left with its lingering scent, which like its wearer quietly slips away.

Ramadan was the first time in a long time where we told ourselves no! Its purpose was to help attain Taqwa- god consciousness. An awareness that each one of our actions will be held to account. It came to teach us how to say no. How to cage and contain our fleeting whims and lusts.

But was that all. Was this month simply a mission to purge the contents of our hard and heavy hearts?

Rather, this was also a month of saying yes.

Saying yes to better habits, fresher perspectives and striving to better ourselves. It was the month of taqwa and self-restraint. But on the flipside, it was also the month of the Quran, the spring of our hearts.

Two remedies. Each complementing the other. One to empty the vessel and the other to fill. For what is emptied will quickly refill. And the heart is inclined to refill. On a diet of decay and self-destruction.

But the Quran is a light. And the legacy of this month. A nectar that beautifies and nourishes the vessel that is satiated by it.

So it’s not enough to abstain. We must also push new boundaries, take on better habits and connect ourselves with the Quran.

So this month becomes more than just a fleeting boost, and instead a resounding and permanent turning point.

You must empty first. But don’t forget to refill.